Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bonding at the office

When Big Sister was younger I took her to work with me all the time. A journalists schedule is relatively flexible, so there were days I would go pick her up from grandma's house and we'd spend the afternoon with me.
She'd play with toys or watch movies, or sometimes tag along on a photo shoot. The photo shoots were the best. She was really shy, so she'd hang on my leg so I couldn't hardly move. Eventually, I figured out that she was light enough I could sit her on the camera bag on that was hanging around my shoulder. People would oooh and aaah and laugh at the photographer carrying his daughter on the camera bag around his neck.
I didn't care. There was a lot of bonding there.
So, when Little Sister had to spend the day with daddy earlier this week I was excited. I was afraid she wouldn't be, though. For one thing I don't cover as many events as I did then. I was managing editor of the Mooresville-Decatur Times then and am now managing editor of the Martinsville Reporter-Times. The two jobs have much different duties. Sitting with me can be boring these days. Big Sister also made sure to tell Little Sister how much fun daddy's work is.
"Uh, oh," I thought. I was starting to have some real expectations to live up to.
We were anticipating the day for a while, so when it finally came we were ready. I had the bucket of toys in my office and the extra laptop cued up to laughing babies on — Little Sister thinks the laughing babies are hilarious and will giggle at them for hours.
I was excited when my Beautiful Wife came striding into the office with Little Sister in tow, nervously hanging onto mommy's leg.
Mommy left and Little Sister started playing with her toys. She didn't say a word for two hours. Then, it was to say she had to go to the bathroom.
Finally, I had to go to my Rotary meeting and we packed up and headed off. She was good there too. She ate the spaghetti I put in front of her and she was quiet the whole time. When her mommy called to say she could come get her, Little Sister said she wanted to stay with daddy.
So, I guess she had a good time and she was really good.
The real test will be the next time, which is in two week.
Regardless of how she acts, I'm really happy to have the couple of hours to bond with Little Sister the same way I bonded with Big Sister.


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