Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rough and tumble

My girls are definitely girly. They like jewelry, makeup and dressing up. But make no mistake, they aren't soft.
You would expect two boys to sit on a toy car and push each other into the wall laughing. I was surprised to come home today and see my girls doing it. Little sister pulled the push car out into the living room and sat down on it. She looked to Big sister, with that knowing look and there was no misunderstanding. Little Sister went zooming down the hall hands in the air and a look of glee on her face until she slammed into the couch smacking her face into the arm.
I stopped and started to go over to her, but in an instant knew nothing was wrong. She was up clapping her hands and laughing to beat the band.
Who knew girls could be rough and tumble too.

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