Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Coconut bars

It was a long drive to grandma's house. As an adult driving to Midland,Mich., by myself it took about 5 hours to get there -- driving just a little more than the speed limit of course. But as a child I remember it took at least 6 hours, often a little more. And I know my dad didn't drive the speed limit either. I have a vague recollection of asking him, sometime after I was able to read numbers, why he was driving so much faster than the other cars. He told me, "I was just speeding up to get around that truck, it's all right to do that."
Our trips often began on a Friday right after school because my mom was a teacher or on a Saturday morning. When we would get to grandma's condominium we would give her a great big hug and then sidle over to the kitchen where we knew there would be coconut chocolate bars. There's nothing better after a 6-hour drive than a coconut chocolate bar.
Then we'd drag all of our stuff in out of the car to the basement and get situated. The next item on the agenda was always catching up. We'd sit on grandma's couch upstairs and all tell her what was going on at home.
I've got to tell you I miss trips to Michigan -- grandma moved to Indiana about 8 years ago.
Grandma got through her surgery all right, but is in the ICU so they can monitor her blood pressure. The doctor removed the tumor from her colon, but said it had perforated and attached to a portion of her small intestine as well. He removed that too, however, that increases the likelihood that it will return soon. She still needs all of our prayers. Thank you to anyone who lifted her to God in prayer.

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lemming said...

Great memory - please do continue to keep us all posted.