Friday, November 7, 2008

Time flies when you're scared

Yes, I am a week behind. I have had every intention of blogging more than once this week. But between preparing for the election and trying to catch up from spending 24 hours at work on Tuesday I never found the time.
Here's what you missed:
In case it's hard to tell from the back angle they went as Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West.
I tried to convince them to dress little sister as a flying monkey, but I was out voted.
Next year's costumes are already planned: Big sister will be Supergirl and she wants me to dress as Superman.
I think I can pull it off. An editor I used to work for always told me I looked like Clark Kent.
Of course I'm missing a few of the signature traits like a square jaw, blue eyes, big muscles and of then there's that flying thing.
I can't fly.
But I can wear my underwear on the outside of my clothes. So I guess that will have to do.


Dad Stuff said...

Great costumes! I could tell what they were right away. That flying monkey idea would have been cool.
Good luck with Superman next year.
I'll just go as average Dad again.
Happy Halloween

The Father of Five said...
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The Father of Five said...

Our #5 of 5 (age 4) was Dorthy too. Just a couple of weeks before Halloween, she discovered The Wizard of Oz - and has been fascinated ever since!

I too am one that would NEVER pass for Superman... In either of his personas...

Don't worry about not blogging. If blogging becomes a chore, than it is not fun.

My "regulars" do not always post each day, and it is OBVIOUS that they have fun doing it when they do!!