Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

I turned 32 years old on Sunday.
You know you're getting older when all you get for your birthday is a mixed CD. And, you know what, it's one of the better gifts I've gotten in a while.
I must preface this blog by clarifying that I requested no presents for my birthday this year. It's so close to Christmas and we're trying to save for a trip to Disney World for our 10th anniversary. I would just rather us save the money. Besides I'm at that point in life where I don't really need much I don't have.
The beautiful wife was a little upset that I told her no gifts. But she honored the request and put the money she had saved for it into the vacation pot.
So, when we got up, I got a kiss and a "happy birthday." My children of course didn't really even know it was my birthday because I hadn't talked about it at all.
But when my father-in-law got in the Envoy to go to church he gave me a sly smile and popped a CD in the player.
At first I just gave him a weird look because he never plays music while we're all in the car. In fact, we always turn off the radio.
When Stevie Wonder began playing I really didn't understand -- that's just not his style of music.
But then I realized it was a happy birthday song.
He had spent hours Saturday night putting together a mixed CD with happy birthday songs. The best one was a personalized song he had found at a Web site that included my name.

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The Father of Five said...

I too find as I get older (39) that it is not material things that I want.

When asked what it was/is I want for Christmas over the past few years - I have a hard time coming up with ideas.

Happy Birthday Daddy Daze!