Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy birthday

Little sister wasn't quite sure what to do with the presents at her birthday party in September. She needed a little help opening. Big sister was glad to oblige.
At Christmas they were both little tornadoes by the time we got around to the last present opening session -- I think we got enough toys to fill a small house, which means we're finding new places to stuff things.
Now they can hardly keep their hands off other people's presents, as is evidenced by the photo showing both of them crowding around my cousin Jason's Laid back baby.
You don't see it in the photo, but there were several times we had to stop Little Sister from ripping paper off packages prematurely.
After a while I stopped worrying though, because Laid back baby didn't seem to be very interested in opening presents about halfway through. He crawled off to play with some of his new toys, leaving Big and Little sister to finish the deal.
The other challenge was party food. Little sister likes to play with and eat ice cubes, which is completely my fault. Being knee height, people tend to forget she is there. So Little sister took her time, waited for someone to put down their drink and the ice was hers... never mind the tea or Sprite that was also in the cup. I did a lot of walking behind Little sister cleaning up messes.
And then there was the cake. There are photos of Laid back baby digging into cake and later blowing blue icing from his nose, illustrating how thorough he was in consuming the confection.
Big and Little sister are actually pretty good at eating cake. They have both gotten past shoving it all over their faces, because they don't want to let one crumb hit the floor.
This of course leads to sugar highs, which I just paid for. I'm posting this at midnight, despite what the time stamp below says. That's because Little sister just came off her sugar high.
I would go to bed, but I think I hear her crying again ... gotta go ...

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