Thursday, January 17, 2008 wonder!

We now know for sure why Little sister couldn't sleep. We kind of suspected at the end of last week that she was in for a hard couple of days. We could see and feel the tooth buds on her gums, but we only saw one.
Stephanie stuck her little finger (after washing it of course) in Little Sister's mouth and lo and behold, the biter's getting four teeth at once. It shouldn't be a surprise of course, because she got all eight of her front teeth at the same time in August. It took about a month with those. We can only hope it doesn't take that long this time.
It has to hurt.
But she actually takes it pretty well. She's fussy and whiny, but that's about it.
When Big sister was at this same stage she turned into a beaver and began chewing on everything. Chairs, bedpost and especially the windowsill.
We moved into our house on the sweetest street in town about a month after Big sister's first birthday. She was just tall enough to stand on her tiptoes and look out the window -- meaning her mouth was right at the level of the windowsill.
It's almost disgusting to look at and I shake my head every time I walk by. We'll have to fix it if we ever sell the house. However, when I look at Big sister and see that her head is now even with the top of the bottom window, I think, "maybe we'll leave those teeth marks a little while longer."


bill said...

Just wait till the oldest one starts talking about boys. Then you'll really start to want to pull your hair out.

lemming said...

Nothing like an over-achiever...