Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Her body is a weapon

Big sister has razorblade elbows and knees -- and she knows how to use them. She's really more awkward than anything else, I'm sure she doesn't do it on purpose, but Big sister manages to hit me just wrong no matter what.
When I walk in the door after work, she hurtles around the corner and half a step in front of little sister only to smack her elbow into the most tender of spots in an attempt to greet me. Little sister thinks it's great fun to jump on my head while I'm writhing in pain.
And in case you think I'm being over sensitive, the beautiful wife can attest to the dangerous body parts of our eldest child. She is at her worst when you're not looking. If you're sitting watching television, Big sister will sneak up to give you a big hug and jump in your lap, digging her knees into your gut. I'm not always sure we are going to survive her love.
Little sister isn't much better. Her idea of loving is to give a big hug and then smack you in the face. I have no idea where she got that.
Anybody have some body armor for sale cheap?

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