Monday, January 14, 2008

Sister love

From the time she was two years old Big sister asked for a little sister. When we would play in the park and someone would walk by with a little sister, she would watch them with longing in her eyes.
But Stephanie and I just weren't ready. It took us a whole year before we even really considered having another baby. By that time I had to convince my wife that it was time and she grudgingly agreed. Once Little Sister came along, though, there wasn't doubt in anyone's mind that our family was finally complete.
Big Sister has been a different child since Little Sister was born. And the way they play -- I don't ever remember seeing two children who love each other more. They do everything together.
They sit on the couch and eat together, bathe together and are even rotten together.
Little Sister is a shadow to Big Sister and they both love it. And while Big Sister was smart and is a quick learner, Little Sister is even more so because she has such a great teacher.
It amazes me to watch them because growing up I remember fighting with my siblings like cats and dogs. We had good times of course, but nothing like my children.
I'm sure they'll have their moments of disagreement, but for now Stephanie and I are sitting back and enjoying our two of a kind girls.

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