Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little tornado

I work during the week and Stephanie works on the weekends, except for Monday when we both labor away from home and Grandma watches the girls.
Stephanie gets four days at home alone with them and I get two. Because of this I can very much appreciate how hard it is to just get through the day with your sanity. Friday Stephanie called me and told me to "just come home right now, please."
Today was my turn. I had high aspirations of getting a few things done. I thought I might clean the kitchen really well, which I got started, but was unable to go very far. Every time I turned around Little Sister was either hungry and trying to get something out of the refrigerator or pulling a toy from the playroom to the living room.
She is simply a little tornado.
I would put away a baby doll and come back to find out she had dragged out her rocking dinosaur, then it was her ride-on car and her ball popper and on and on and on ...
Big sister doesn't help a lot, she isn't nearly as bad, but she gets out her share of stuff. She understands consequences a little better. "Put that away or you won't watch any more television today," I tell her.
"But dad...."
I turn the television off and it gets done quickly.
There is no such trick for Little sister yet. All I can do is just keep putting things away.

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