Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunbeams, snoozing and sickness

A sick child doesn't sleep at night. She can't breathe. That makes her tired during the day, which makes her grumpy and leads to unpleasantness.
Unpleasantness like yelling at each other about a corndog meal.
"Where's my corndog meal daddy?" Big sister asked me tonight.
Oh, shoot. I knew I forgot something at the store.
This fit led to her screaming in her room for 20 minutes before we got her to accept an alternative.
Little sister is sick too. The beautiful wife took both of them to the doctor today and they are now on antibiotics.
Little sister is hard to handle as well. She wants to spend 24 hours in your arms, either being carried or laying on your chest. That doesn't mean she naps though. Try and try but you can't get her to nap. If she falls asleep on your chest, that's it, you're trapped.
Laying her down leads to her screaming in her room.
It's days like these that I feel extremely sorry for my wife, yet very lucky that I'm at work -- though I know I'll get mine on another day.
Through all of this, there are still moments that make you stop and ooohhh and ahhhh.
This photo of Little sister sleeping in a sunbeam was one of those few moments today for the beautiful, yet somewhat frazzled, wife.

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