Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scary storms

We saw the news and knew it would be bad. There was that thin little line of red moving quickly across the landscape.
There was nothing we could do though, but wait. So when the winds finally started whipping up and the rain came down, we grabbed the dogs and just held on tight while they whimpered at the rumbles and crashes outside the walls or our house. We put Little sister to bed about half an hour late, because who can sleep when two dogs are yapping at every little noise.
Of course the real scariness came from me, not the dogs. Shortly after the storm passed through, I got a call from one of my reporters (I'm the editor of a newspaper for those who aren't familiar).
He said it looked like a tornado had ripped through the city. I guess my loud talking and animated conversations frightened both girls.
I looked up at one point and realized my poor babies were huddled into their mother staring at me with wide eyes. I went to the other room to finish my work.

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lemming said...

You have Sam to thank for scaring away the storms. Had he not growled and barked and generally herded them away, said storm would still be haunting Indiana at this very moment.