Monday, February 25, 2008

Kid snot

I was kind of a prissy kid. I remember being grossed out if someone left a dirty Kleenex laying around. As a teenager I would refuse to pick them up if my mother asked me to.
As I've gotten older, or more likely since I've had children, I've moved past that.
Now, when I see a boogie hanging out of a little nose, I'm the first one to reach out and wipe it off. If I don't have a snot rag, I've been known to just use my sleeve or shirt tail.
I'm still pretty disgusted if I see a used Kleenex sitting around at work, but little kid snot just doesn't seem as toxic as adult snot. Or maybe I'm just more familiar with it than I used to be.
It seems like every other week someone is sick in our house.
It was less than two weeks ago that Little sister finished her antibiotic and already she has another cold. The green stuff leaks down her face like she's a half-crazed zombie. And she walks around in a daze ignoring it.
I can't wait until spring gets here and the cold season passes.

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