Thursday, February 21, 2008

Racing fun

I was never really into racing, but little electric racetracks are great. So, when Big sister got me one for Christmas two years ago, I was excited.
I mean, who needs boys, when I've got two little girls who will play racetrack with me. Putting up the track these days is half the fun, as we try to put the pieces together before Little sister can run away with them.
She'll grab one, stand up and laugh, giving us a second to try and come after her before she sprints down the hallway cackling. If you don't chase her, she comes back and sticks her head around the corner until you follow.
When we do finally get the track in one piece so that it can run, we usually get about 10 laps in before Little sister gets interested. At first she just sits and helps push the buttons, but before long, she wants to play with the cars.
So, she reaches down and grabs the cars off the track and puts her ponies in the middle.
We put the cars back on, and she takes them off again.
Next, she puts the ponies on the track and lets out a huge laugh as the cars collide with the animal sending it flying in one direction and the mini-vehicles in another.
I love toy racetracks!

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