Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little fun and work

The beautiful wife and I spend a lot of time just doing everyday cleaning to maintain our home, but now and then we have to strip down the room and do some heavy duty cleaning.
Today was one of those days. The living room floor, couch and walls were simply grimy.
Here's the challenge. How do you do all the work, but still make it fun enough that you don't spend the entire day with Big and Little sister hanging on your shirttails screaming, "pay attention to me!"
The beautiful wife is good at it. I come home to the sparlking home all the time with the girls telling me what a good time they had.
When I try it, we usually end up with two little girls who are kicking and screaming, tears running down their faces who hate their daddy.
This morning, I did it right. I'm not saying I'll ever be able to repeat, but I had the dynamic duo eating out of my hand. I made a game out of drying the floor after I mopped and promised them we would "ice skate" when everything was clean. We moved the couches out of the living room after cleaning them. Then we dusted the entire room while Big sister ran the vacuum and Little Sister helped by climbing all over the couches in the kitchen.
Then came the fun. We put in a CD, put on our slick socks and "skated" and danced all over the laminate wood floor.
Big sister had fun. Little sister had fun. But most importantly, the beautiful wife complimented me saying, "wow, you did all this and I didn't hear any crying when I called you."

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