Sunday, February 10, 2008

My feet hurt too

My beautiful wife has never liked feet. She doesn't want to rub them, touch them or really even see them.
So it didn't surprise when Big sister didn't want to touch my feet either -- there goes the dream of coming home and getting a nice foot rub.
The thing is, neither beautiful wife nor Big sister are shy about asking me to rub their feet. Of course I'm a sucker and don't ever even question it. I just sit down and massage until my hands feel like they're going to fall off.
The other day, though I couldn't believe it. Big sister says, "daddy, will you pop my toes?" My reply, because I was feeling evil, was, "only if you'll pop mine first."
"Ewww, daddy, I won't do that."
But of course Beautiful wife says, "come over here and pop mine," and Big sister walked right over and did it!
What, "why will you pop her toes and not mine?"
"Because your toes are hairy daddy. I can't touch hairy toes!"
Aren't kids great for the ego.

1 comment:

Christopher Maples said...

You could really gross her out and tell her to shave your toes for you!