Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I don't want to jinx things, but Little sister seems to have gotten into her groove at bedtime. For months now she has given us a hard time going to bed and then getting up two and three times a night.
She would sleep a night here and there, just enough to keep us from going totally insane, but it got old really quick.
I think part of it was getting back from the holidays and part of it was that she seemed to get sick every other week.
But Little sister finally finished her last bit of antibiotics, got over the runny nose and for a week she has been sleeping all night. It's been very pleasant. The beautiful wife has even gotten to get up and have an hour of alone time in the morning!
Nothing beats that hour to just relax and drink a cup of coffee ... let's just hope it continues.
Grandma update
Thank you for all your prayers. Grandma came home Monday night. My mom stayed the night with her and said she is doing well.

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