Saturday, February 16, 2008

Too much to watch

Growing up out in the country without Satellite in the 1980s, there wasn't much on television. We had four or five channels.
Even then we didn't watch much of what was on it. We did watch a lot more than my mother liked, however.
"You need to go outside and play," she would say. Then she would turn it off and make us go outside.
When the beautiful wife and I got satellite we were overwhelmed. There were close to 100 channels with tons of programming. It didn't take long to realize there wasn't really much on.
It actually took us a few years to realize the real reason for television -- the Disney channel and Nickelodeon.
We don't exactly use the TV as a babysitter and never have, but there are days when all you want is to sit down and have a cup of coffee, or to go to the bathroom by yourself. At that point, I have found myself saying, "just go watch Hannah Montana or something."
It's a bad habit, though, so it doesn't take long before I hear myself sounding like my mother, "big sister, why don't you go outside and play." At which time, I turn off the TV and make her do something else.
I know hypocritical, I told her to go turn it on -- but what can I say, "I'm the dad and I make the rules."

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