Monday, March 31, 2008

Count slower -- don't peek

Ready or not here I come!
I'm sure every parent has done it. Told their child to go hide and then clean up the living room all the while pretending to search for them.
"I think she must be in the front closet," I say as I stuff in the five pillows and two balls that belong in there.
"Maybe she's in her bedroom closet," I proclaim, thrusting open the doors and putting her shoes in the shoe holder.
Finally, I find Big sister under Little sister's bed as I put a toy under the crib where the oldest child is hiding.
It's my turn to hide, so I grab my shoes and run to the back closet where my shoes belong and slam the door quietly. While I'm in there I also pick out my clothes for the next day.
The next task is emptying the dishwasher, so I count really slowly as I put away first the plates, then the bowls.
I run quickly to my room and smile at Big sister who's hiding behind my bed. My turn to hide.
Running to the kitchen again, I put away a few glasses before I hear "ready or not, here I come."
Open the fridge door and grin around the side as Big sister says, "Daddy, hide right this time."
I finally give up and just play for half an hour until it's time for her show on TV. Then I finish up while she gets ready for bed.
Cleaning can be fun.

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lemming said...

No, no, no, you hide behind the coats and suitcases in the front closet and take a much needed power nap!