Monday, April 7, 2008

Just toying with you

One of the best part of going to grandma's house as a child was playing with the toys. She had toys that we only saw once or twice a year, so they were always new.
Lincoln Logs, Tinker toys and an electric football game all waited for use -- not to mention the pool table.
We loved going to grandma's to see grandma, but the toys kept us busy so the grownups could visit.
My mom has taken this to a new level. Yes, she has toys at her house that Big sister runs to play with the second we walk in the door. But my mom actually has a bag of toys and books that she brings to our house.
Both girls now get really excited when they see Nanny coming carrying the bag of toys.
Little sister especially loves the caterpillar book.
It has a caterpillar that you pull through holes in the different items that he eats before turning into a butterfly.
Nanny will poke the little head of the caterpillar through the hole and Little sister grabs it takes it the rest of the way through just giggling the whole time.
I know they love seeing their grandma. But the special toys sure grab their attention more than those old things lying around their rooms.

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Anonymous said...

Ping pong table. She didn't have a pool table.