Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We knew it would happen.
The beautiful wife and I have spent the last two weeks or so running around keeping Little sister's glasses on and telling people about them and wondering at all the new things she was seeing for the first time.
Big sister has dealt with it all pretty well.
She's been very good about helping us find the glasses when Little sister hides them -- though that happens less as she's realized how much better she see.
But it's all gotten to her finally.
Today she bit her mother and then cried in her room for an hour while mom waited for her to apologize.
The beautiful wife finally went in and got her and they went into our bedroom and shut the door. I heard some sobbing and when court was finally convened it was determined that we were having a movie night.
We have rented "Mr. Magorium's Wonder emporium" had Dairy Queen and are just spending time with big sister as Little sister snores through the snot jiggling around in her head.

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lemming said...

Glasses are a blessing and a curse. I'm sure they'll find ways to work teh spectacles into future conversations. :-)