Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Her eyes were wide as could be. It was partially because the glasses magnify them to three times their size, but it was also from surprise.
At first, Little sister didn't like them. She would take them off and hand them to me. I would put them back on.
But somewhere in there she managed to forget she had them on. So, when we sat down to dinner, Little sister just looked at her plate. She picked up her fork and speared the hot dog bite. She held the fork up to me with the biggest smile on her face and shoved it in her mouth. Again and again Little sister started seeing things up close for the first time yesterday and today.
The beautiful wife tells me Little sister left them on all day long.
Little sister did several things today she hadn't done before:
-- She put the correct shapes in the shape sorter.
-- Used the spoon to pick bananas out of her cereal.
-- Stepped up on the steps at school.
-- Stayed off the dining room table (We think she can actually see how high it is now)
-- Pulled Big sister's shoe string out and then put it back in

There are actually so many things I don't think I can list them all.
We've always thought Little sister is very smart. Now, we have to wonder how much can she accomplish, how much more quickly she will develop and just how much she has been missing without the glasses.
From here on out every day is an adventure for her.


Jason266 said...

Congrats! That's great. So the question is, will she cause more or less trouble now that she can see?

The culprit said...

Now she sees the things she is grabbing instead of just randomly clutching at whatever is in her path.

She is now afraid of heights. Instead of climbing up things and then fearlessly jumping up and down, she gets halfway up and then cries for us to come get her