Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pirates of the big garage

I decided to take the week off. Sorry for anyone who reads this and missed me for a week. It's just been busy, with sick children and other things I'm not ready to blog about yet.
I also haven't had much time to play with Big and Little sisters, and they've let me know about it.
So, I took the day off from cleaning and all the other Saturday things I normally do. I of course tried to keep the place from getting too messy, but mostly I just played with the girls.
We played UNO, play dough, watched movies, went to the park (though it was freezing and we didn't stay long) and most fun, we played pirates.
That's right, big sister loves to play pirates in the garage. I bought a couple of plastic swords on clearance after Halloween a couple of years ago. Big sister likes to go out in the garage and play with them every now and then. While the wind was whipping around and freezing us outside, it wasn't too bad in the garage.
We pulled down the swords and dueled back and forth. She cut off both my arms and stabbed me in the stomach a few times. Then I was a different pirate.
We opened the windows of the Envoy and pretended it was our ship as we threw Snap and Pops out the windows as the dogs danced around like sharks nipping at the tires.
The poor beautiful wife had to work until about 5:30 and didn't get home until 6 or so. So, I still managed to get dinner made at least. Big sister decided to make cupcakes too.
All in all, a good day

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lemming said...

Big Sister reminds me of the Monty Python bit in Holy Grail when Arthur fights the knight...