Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All fun and games

It's a cruel cruel thing, but it's something we have to do.
Everybody gets in the car and I drop Big sister and the beautiful wife off at a store down the block.
Little sister is upset, but gets happy when she see the toys sitting on the ground of the room we enter.
Some lady asks daddy questions while she throws a small soccer ball across the room.
A little boy who was in the room begins to play hide and seek with her. They're both giggling and having a great time.
How cute, she's made a friend.
But then a woman comes out and says, "Joshua?"
His mother picks him up and our children wave goodbye to each other.
Little sister goes on with her playing, picking up the next child who walks in the door. She seems to either not notice, or is ignoring, the screams coming from the other room.
The little boy comes out sniffling. It seems a shame, they were all in such a good mood.
Then it's her turn. The nurse comes out and calls our name.
I walk Little sister into the room behind the curtain. I'm instructed to lay her on her back and talk to her.
With the first shot, surprise registers on her face. The second prick elicits a whimper. And then, finally, the third shot does it -- she busts out with a big scream.
It's enough to break a daddy's heart.
But it has to be done.
At least she doesn't have to get anymore for another four years almost.

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lemming said...

Beautiful post.

When i got my flu shot last fall, there was a mother ahead of me with a toddler, who was maybe 2. The toddler gave the mother her blanket to hold during the shots.