Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A dirty story

Everyone likes ice cream, well maybe not everyone, but most people do. In my case, though, the craving is a little deeper. I know, my aunt told me so.
My grandpa had to have a bowl of vanilla ice cream every night. And so, she says, do most of the people in my family. I know the gene didn't skip me. I have to close my eyes every time I open the freezer.
I've passed on the gene. Big sister would eat ice cream after every meal if we'd let her. Any chance she gets, she asks for Dairy Queen. Usually when we go, she asks for a chocolate covered cherry Blizzard. Partially, that has always been one of the few options because she refuses to eat the cones on the ice cream cones.
Recently that changed. And now we have another reason not to order the dessert in cones.

That's right, before it was all over, we had to put big sister in the shower to clean up. It's been almost two weeks since I took this photo and there's still chocolate ice cream on the inside of my shower curtain. I don't know why it won't just wash off -- I do shower every day in there.

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