Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May madness

Some say March is mad with all its basketball, but I think May is really the maddest of all months. It's at least the busiest.
Unfortunately, the beautiful wife and the sisters don't get to see me as much with all that's going on. And of course I don't get to see them as much as I'd like.
I get a lot of hurried conversations during the day with some screaming in the background. Often big sister will answer the phone and say "daddy, what are you doing?"
It's cute, because that's about all she'll say to me, but when she gets on the phone with grandma, big sister will talk forever. Tonight she talked for 40 minutes nonstop with grandma.
Despite the rushing around I do try to find time. The other day we took advantage of the warm weather and I taught her the little bit I know about soccer and tennis. Mostly we kick the ball back and forth on the sidewalk and then beat the garage door in with tennis balls -- until the ball went sailing over the neighbors fence that is.
Now the month is about ready to really get going -- with graduations to cover and Memorial Day and a couple of photo shoots I have set up, I just hope I can keep big sister from thinking I've abandoned her.
At least June brings a week's vacation. Maybe then we'll get to do some catching up.

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lemming said...

I too have a vacation coming up, and I am clinging to that thought with the ends of my fingernails. May is much too busy.