Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preschool blues

No actual tears were shed during the making of this blog, but many were choked back and sniffled up into the recesses of my and my beautiful wife's sinuses.
We've been dreading this day for most of a year -- the moment when our little girl goes from being a preschooler to a kindergartner. The process began a couple of weeks ago when she went to kindergarten roundup. They processed her and tested her and determined that she knew enough to start school next year without any extra work during the summer.
Since then big sister has been counting down the days, knowing that today would be the last day she got to see her preschool friends. We've been counting it down, both excited for our daughter and sad to see her growing up.
So dropping her off in the classroom one last time and leaving big sister was very hard. It was also very cute. They lined the five-year-olds up and put little mortarboards on their heads. Sent them up the aisle of the church to sing some songs and then gave them each a diploma "allowing them to go to kindergarten."
All four grandparents showed up to listen to her sing in several languages and show off her counting skills.
She got some money from one set of grandparents and a new beach towel from the other set. I got her flowers and the beautiful wife got her a new set of curlers to make her hair pretty for the special day.
Again, I didn't see any actual tears today, but they were there.
They were there in the corner of my eyes, in the corner of my wife's eyes and I'm pretty sure there a few in the eyes of big sister.
She's not ready to grow up either.
Maybe, just for the summer, we can pretend she's not growing up. But I'll bet that at the end of the break, there will be some real honest to God tears hit the floor.

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