Sunday, June 1, 2008

We're going saleing

Two years ago, we cleaned the closets, cleared out the attic and had a garage sale. We made enough money to buy Big sister a new bed.
We had extra space in the house and a little extra cash in our pocket -- at least enough to buy the loft bed Big sister wanted. Now, it's two years later and our closets are again cluttered the attic is stuffed full and we have so much stuff that we can't park the cars in the garage.
Time again for a yard sale.
Okay, so the attic is actually empty, but that's because everything from up there is stuffed in the garage in preparation for the sale, which is actually going to be a porch sale this year.
Thanks to the hard work of my beautiful and diligent wife, all the baby clothes, kid toys, dryer and other miscellaneous items are priced and categorized.
The goal of the sale this year is again to Big sister's benefit as it's time to redo her room. when we moved to the sweetest street in town, we did her room in fairies and princesses. She's getting ready for kindergarten and she thinks she needs something a little more mature. She's torn between stripes, circles, squares or dots -- whatever that means. And she wants every color under the sun on the walls.
The hope is that we'll be able to keep our consumer impulses under control and manage to keep the closets clean.
Though I'm sure two or three years from now, we'll look at our attic and wonder why we can't fit anything more up there and decided it's time again. (Yes, I know selling things for pennies on the dollar just make a few bucks to redo a room really doesn't make good fiscal sense. Still, if you're in our neighborhood this Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you should stop by and help us redecorate big sister's room.)

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lemming said...

Hope you made enough for the redecoration efforts. re: fairies - quite a few of my college students fall madly in love with Tinkerbell, to the point of getting her tattoed on their legs. Fairies may yet re-enter your life!