Monday, June 16, 2008

The dog ate my computer

I don't really have a good excuse for not blogging since June 1. I could say, "I've been busy at work." "Storms washed away my computer." "There's been nothing interesting going on."
I could tell the truth and say that the computer screen on the laptop I bought in November stopped work, but even that isn't a good excuse for ignoring my five loyal readers.
The blog bug simply hasn't been hitting me.
But here I am, and I should probably update you all on the yard sale that really wasn't. We wanted to make around $300.
We made a little over $100. The second and third day got rained out. We thought about doing it again the next weekend -- we even advertised it.
Sorry for anyone who drove by, but we didn't follow through. After seeing what people in Martinsville were going through, having lost everything in the floods, we couldn't stand by.
The beautiful wife and I packed all the baby clothes and everything baby up in the Envoy, drove it down to a church and it.
We can only hope that it is helping someone who lost it all get back on their feet.
People will continue to need clothes -- especially when school starts up again -- so feel free to contact me if you would like to help and need to know how. (email is


computer help said...

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Anonymous said...


I'm glad to see you guys came through the rain okay. That's a wonderful thing you did with your donations! By the way, I'm one of your 5 loyal readers!


lemming said...

Bravo to you!

I'm curious to see what happens with martinsville post-flood. On the one hand, people want to be helpful. On teh other hand, I know that there are plenty of folks north and south who have been burned by some of the town leaders' political/ personal views; wonder how that might affect relief work