Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dog candy driveway

The other day, after I finished a blog the beautiful wife asked me to look up sidewalk paint. She wasn't going to go spend an arm and a leg when she could make it for a fraction of the cost.
I didn't argue with her, because how can you argue with a person who wants to save our hard earned money.
The recipe called for food coloring, corn starch and water. Wow, that's easy, and you should see the cool art they created.

There's only one drawback. Our driveway is now attracting random dogs. Several people have had to stop for a few minutes while their dogs sniffed, then licked at the art decorating our drive.
this morning when I got up and went out to get the newspaper a neighborhood dog was sitting there with a green tongue, evidently taking a short break from tasting the concrete.
You wouldn't think it would be all that appealing. I know I've tasted cornstarch before when I was cooking, I wouldn't lick it off the ground. But then, I wouldn't eat poop either.

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