Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last day of freedom

I just kissed big sister good night for the last time as a preschooler. Of course it's an hour later than normal because she's so wound up. I guess she's just like me. I know I can't sleep the night before a big event.
And what bigger event, other than graduating from school, is there than starting school.
Until now, our days have consisted of finding ways to entertain big sister. Ways to keep her from picking at her sister, but most of all enjoying every minute of her innocence.
Right now she believes every word we tell her of, "you're beautiful. You're smart. You're one of the most wonderful people in the world."
She really is all of those things in my opinion, but now she will encounter all the world has to throw at her. She's already had a small taste of the cruelty of other kids. At kindergarten camp, and tennis camp and I think she said one day at the park, there is a little boy who likes to tell her she's ugly -- and he gets to sit next to her in class.
I heard the little boy at tennis camp. He told every person who missed the ball when they swung at it, how horrible they were.
As an adult I can ignore that, but it's harder for a little kid.
Big sister will also get to start experiencing all the wonders the world has to offer. She can already recognize letters, numbers and write her name. Soon, she will be able to read. Once that happens, she will change tremendously.
It will be a long 12 years and I intend to make it last as long as I can. The first six years definitely have gone too quickly.

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lemming said...

What a horrible home life that little boy must have to be so negative at such an early age.

Wishing you much courage and several boxes of Kleenex.