Monday, August 18, 2008

My little gymnast

Olympic fever has infected my house even though the majority of the action happens after Big sister's bed time. She still sees all the highlights on the news and wants to mimic the tumbling, jumping, flipping pixies on the TV.
I've not been immune either. I don't jump around the living room, but I've spent a few late nights waiting to see Michael Phelps win eight gold medals.
But those who really enjoy the games have made a makeshift gymnasium in our living room. The cushion from the couch in the back of the house is a running board and a tumbling mat, which big sister uses to cushion her fall.
I'm just hoping the ottoman doesn't become a vault. And it might not be terribly safe if the hallway became a 100 meter track.
Being a former track participant, I wouldn't be upset if our yard turned into a track or long jump pit. It would be nice if we could move it outdoors.
I love the Olympics.


Jason266 said...

Jake digs the floor exercises. Moves his arms to the music. Gets up on his head. It's about the only Olympics he lets us watch. Otherwise, it better be Pixar dammit!

lemming said...

Better gymnastics than archery! :-)