Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fluff and fold

I like to separate the laundry by shirts and pants, underwear and socks and by person. I put everything in piles and then I fold the folding clothes and hang the others.
I'm not really too particular, but I do like things a certain way, it saves a lot of trouble in the end because I'm able to walk from one room to the next and just put away clothes without having to resort them out of the basket.
So, it takes a little bit for me to let go and let the little ones help me when I fold clothes -- though the beautiful wife would likely argue I don't do laundry often enough for this to be a real issue.
Big sister is actually pretty good at folding clothes these days, but is past that helpful stage when she wants to spend every second doing exactly what mommy and daddy are doing. The call of Sponge Bob has become too great.
But Little sister still wants to be of service. The second you put the laundry basket down, she is there, pulling clean clothes out, rummaging through for her stuff and throwing it all on the floor. This is one good reason for sweeping before you do laundry. Who wants dog hair all over their nice clean clothes.
The best part, what makes it all worth the trouble is the look on Little sister's face when she does help. She is still so eager to please that when you tell her, "thank you," it's almost blissful.
Suddenly it doesn't matter that her idea of folding is rolling up my dress shirt in a ball and throwing it on top the pile I just folded.
In fact, I tell her thank you every time she puts a new item freshly "folded" onto the pile, just so I can see her face again.

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