Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday night lights

Football season is my favorite. Partially it's because it happens in the fall. Good things have always happened to me in the fall. In fact, with the exception of getting married in June, the best things have happened in the fall (both my girls were born in September, one technically in the summer, but right at the beginning of football season.)
As an infant Big sister was a huge football fan too. We watched a lot of Colts games together. Of course she was mostly asleep on my chest for those. Over the years she has become less and less of a fan, in part because my games interrupt her TV watching.
There's always something she wants to see right at the time the Colts, or Purdue or some other game comes on.
So, I was really surprised when she suggested that we go to the high school football game on Friday. I used to go to the games all the time as a photographer, but had gotten away from that in the last two years.
It was one of the more enjoyable times we've had together recently. She sat on my lap and asked questions about the game, which I answered -- though I'm not sure she understood what was going on even after the explanations.
Her biggest thrill was watching the helicopter for a local TV station take off from the field behind the stands after halftime.
I don't know if she had a good enough time to suggest going again, but I hope so.

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Briana @ Bargain Briana said...

That is sweet and will be such great memories for your daughter! :) My kids go to the football games and want to socialize! :)

You think the Colts will win one this weekend? I sure hope they blow them out this weekend, even if it is just the Texas! ;)