Friday, October 10, 2008

Battle wounds

It's been a hard week at work. We switched computers and upgraded software, meaning that everything this took about 15 minutes longer.
I was feeling particularly rushed and frustrated around noon today, trying to hurry, but not mess up so that I could get home in time to take the beautiful wife and girls to the store.
I had just finished telling the beautiful wife that I likely wouldn't get home in time so I wanted to try and surprise her.
There was no need.
The phone rang and showed my home number. "Hello, I just thought you should know I'm going to the hospital," she said very nonchalantly. At first I was just a little confused because she's been spending a lot of time taking her mom and aunt back and forth recently anyway. so the next sentence was a shock.
Little Sister "needs some stitches."
At that point I realized there would be no shopping trip, but no the sense of urgency was a little different.
I knew there was no way I'd get done in time to actually be any help, but I still wanted to get home.
Once there, Little Sister came bounding around the corner like nothing had happened, "DADDYYYY."
The Bandaid didn't look too big or scary. So we played, had dinner and went about our business.
It wasn't until right before bed that I actually got to see the wound.
Not too bad for a first trip to our town's newly opened ER.

Oh yeah, I can't forget the best part. The glasses she just got on Wednesday? Mangled. Not so bad that they couldn't be repaired, but it figures.


lemming said...

Did the ER sen you home with those vitamin laced lotions to put on the put as it heals? The girl next door received a similar wound - mom was vigilant about applying it and the scar is very minimal three years later.

The Father of Five said...

You've got quite a nice Daddy Blog going here... I stumbled across it via your blogger profile (searching Fatherhood).

I'm a little short on time, and have only checked out the first page, but (as long as you don't mind) I have added your link to my Dad Blogger Links, and my reader...

Looking forward to reading more!


David (Father - of - five)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, there must be something about 2 year olds and stitches! We had a our first bout with stitches in May when Soon-to-be Big Brother decided to help Daddy with the paper shredder and got his fingers a little too close.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mean Monroe Hospital. If so keep an "eye" out for infection.