Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let the terribleness begin

One day our baby is a baby. The next she's hit the terrible two's.
Tuesday was Little Sister's second birthday. She got all kinds of toys of her own. For all her life she has mostly been content to play with Big Sister's babies. Now she has her own.
I got her a remote control car -- OKmaybe that was really for me.
But as a gift, she got herself an attitude and I'm not sure that the beautiful wife or I approve.
On her first full day as a two-year-old, Little Sister climbed on a stool and jumped off nearly busting her head open in the process; colored the TV with a crayon; ate part of a tube of foot cream; broke her glasses; ran around the table like a fool screaming during dinner instead of eating.
Just so no one is concerned -- she didn't bust her head open, the crayon did come off and poison control said that the foot cream shouldn't cause her any harm.
And yes, her glasses probably needed replaced anyway, and anyone who knows us has heard us say that she doesn't eat anyway.
I'm not sure that terrible two's really describes this time of life very well. With big sister, I think the difficult times were really from about 2-1/2 to 4.
Little sister started about two months ago and chose today to really show off her terribleness.
Though, to be honest, neither of our children is or ever has been that terrible, despite a few moments or days of bad behavior.
I think the next few months and years will be very interesting if not frustrating.

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