Monday, January 26, 2009

100 of everything

One hundred. It sounds like a lot when you're 6 years old.
It takes a lot to understand the concept of just exactly how much that is. So, kindergarten teachers across the country use the 100th day of school to help their students understand the concept.
I took the afternoon off today to help celebrate this milestone with big sister.
Last week she had created a snowman using 100 cotton balls and on Saturday we decorated one of my undershirts with 100 stamps. She wore the shirt to school. It took a few minutes for the beautiful wife to convince Big sister that, while, yes, it was big enough to be a dress, she had to wear clothes underneath.
It was a pretty cool shirt and a really cool snowman. In fact, the shirt was so cool, they grabbed her and put her on the morning announcements.
The day involved stations in the classroom, manned by parents, where students got to see just how much 100 is. They had 100 pennies, 100 stamps, 100 paper clips, 100 stackable blocks and most importantly 100 snacks.
My favorite part, however, was the end when the teacher gave them a fake $100 bill and asked what they would buy with it if the money was real.
"100 puppies," "1,000 cars," "a hummer."
And big sisters answer -- a bigger house.
If only $100 would buy that.

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