Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here today ... melted tommorow

It was gone in less than a day.
14 inches of snow practically immobilized our entire area for nearly three days and blanketed the town for more than at week.
But just one day of warm weather and it was all gone. it's a shame too.
Big sister had been waiting for a snow even half that big for two years. It was two years ago the last time we had a snow big enough to go sledding and make a snowman. So we were due.
The came down on a Tuesday night into Wednesday. I wouldn't have even gotten to work if we didn't have a 4x4 vehicle. I came home early and right away we went to the hill at the park to sled.
It was little sister's first real experience sledding. It wasn't a big hit for her. She went down once and stayed down with the beautiful wife. Big sister and I went three more times before the snow started to melt.
The last time we went, Little Sister did get brave and went down a couple of times with me. She really had fun once she realized we could start half way down the hill.
there was one thing little sister really wanted to do though -- she wanted to make a snowman.
Problem is, the snow was too dry. So, we waited a couple of days.
When we finally got around to trying again -- the snow was too wet.
We managed anyway -- but it wasn't the traditional snowman. Rather than making a snowball and rolling it bigger and bigger, we had to pile snow and try to shape into something resembling a snowman.
We didn't do half bad if I must say so myself. But now it's gone -- just three days after we made it and Little sister looked out the door this morning and said, "where did the snowman go?"
Until next year -- or maybe the year after ... she'll have to wait.

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