Monday, February 16, 2009

Superman lives in my shower

We do our best when we buy new toys to get both girls the same thing or similar things so as to reduce fights.
It doesn't work.
No matter what we do, Little sister always wants what Big sister has -- even if it is identical to her own. Little sister also tends to be the more aggressive of my two children.
Though she is half Big sister's size, Little Sister is a bully.
Little sister will start screaming and we'll run to see what is wrong, she normally has Big sister in a corner -- pinching her, hitting her or otherwise subduing her.
To her credit, Big sister doesn't pick back.
The fighting is normally over a toy -- again, even if it is the exact same one as the one she owns.
So, at Christmas I decided I would buy a present for Little Sister and and Little Sister alone.
It was a Superman punching bag. You know, the kind you punch and it bounces right back up.
I thought maybe she could get some of her aggressions out on something that is meant to be punched.
Of course she doesn't punch the punching bag -- she dances with it. She twirls and dips and even does throws. She loves Superman.
But like all good toys, there will eventually be a fight when Big sister wants to play and Little sister isn't finished.
So I did what I always do. I took it away for a week.
There is no where in the house really big enough to keep Superman, so he now lives in my shower.
Of course it is a little crowded in the mornings -- but it's better than screaming girls.


lemming said...

Does he hog the shampoo?

The culprit said...

No. But he does make me feel very inadequate.