Sunday, January 11, 2009

Found her calling

It was a fight from the beginning.
"NO! daddy, you have to ask them."
No, Big sister, we're not going unless you do the work.
With lip quivering ... "but I don't want to."
So I promised that I would walk up to the door with her, but she had ask ..."
We started with houses of people we know -- the neighbor to the right. She was too shy to say anything, which really made me laugh because we know the neighbor really well and Big sister plays with granddaughter all the time. We made a sale even though no words came out of the little girl's mouth.
The second house was a couple that we wave to every day during the spring, summer and fall as they stroll by in front of our house.
Big sister knocked on the door and mumble,"wwwould, yyyou like to bbbuy, some......"
Luckily, the neighbor saw the form in her hand and was really excited.
The third house and fourth house were witness to slightly braver selling attempts.
Today when we went out, we stopped at the first house, and with a great big smile Big sister belted out ... "Would you like to buy some Girls Scout cookies?"
We've sold 47 boxes in two days, nothing like the 80 or so I'm told her uncle has managed to hock, but all in all a good showing.
If anyone in the Morgan County area (or family outside of that) still needs their yearly fix of Girl Scout cookies feel free to e-mail me your name and phone number and we'll help you with that.

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