Sunday, January 4, 2009

A whole year!

I know, it's really a week late to do the look back at 2008, but I'm just a few days away from the one year anniversary of this blog.
So, I thought I would do a little ruminating.
It's hard to believe just how much two little girls can grow in a year. As sad as it is, Little sister has lost her baby looks. When I started writing she was still a chubby cheeked grinning baby, now she's a full blown toddler. She speaks in full sentences and does everything her big sister does.
Big sister was a preschooler a year ago. She knew everything back then and now that she's a kindergartner she knows even more.
We've had daddy daughter dates, gone to the museum about 20 times made messes -- with Easter eggs, mud and food.
Little sister went from crosseyed, to the cutest little girl with glasses you've ever seen. She's also gone through six sets of frames. We've gotten as much value as possible out of that warranty we bought.
Big sister has bloomed into a social butterfly -- and with good reason. She's beautiful and sweet and kind to everyone she meets. She loves her Daisy troop and has become a socialite with all the birthday parties.
It hasn't all been good. We've struggled through flooding and the death of my grandma.
Mostly, though, despite the challenges -- 2008 wasn't a bad year. And I have it all chronicled right here.
Here's to a happy 2009.

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