Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Put it back

It started about two months ago -- actually about the time I blogged last. Big sister was getting jealous that all of her friends had lost teeth. Some had lost two or three -- and her teeth weren't even loose!
She would come to us every third day or so and ask, "is this tooth loose?"
We'd check it assure her, no, but you will lose one in God's time, not yours.
Finally, on March 23 one of her teeth was actually wiggling just a little.
Tiny bit at time over the last two or three weeks, that tooth got looser and looser.
Then Thursday night she got a bug in her head that the tooth was coming out. Big sister holed herself up in the bathroom in front of the mirror.
We could hear various grunts and groans for about half an hour.
Then ... all of a sudden it was, "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Big sister came running out of the bathroom, blood running down her chin and tooth in hand.
There was a wild scared look in her eyes as she screamed, "PUT IT BAAAACCCKKK ... I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP!!!!"
Through my laughing and the beautiful wife's stifled laughs, we managed to calm her down and get her to bed .., granted it was about an hour late.
All was good the next day when the tooth fairy had left her a note, $2 and a silver whistle with the intials TF emblazoned on the side.
At that point all was good, though, I really don't know where she got the idea for the silver whistle.

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