Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new doggie

We got Oakley 9 years ago -- about a year after we got married. The cocker spaniel mix was our first attempt at seeing if we could handle children.
Obviously we decided we could take care of children since we now have two.
Oakley is really pretty easy to take care of, but we do have to trim his fur once a month or so. His hair grows out and he looks kind of fuzzy. I have always trimmed him myself since he tried to eat the first person we took him to. Little dogs are the most vicious you know.
The beautiful wife just shakes her head at my attempts to groom the dog. I make his fur shorter, but it often looks a little choppy.
We're getting ready for vacation and the beautiful wife didn't want to send Oakley to sister-in-law's house without a trim, but she didn't want me to do it.
So, we took him to a groomer, the same one mother-in-law uses. She had done such a good job shaving down Bella, we thought we'd give her a try.
When I dropped Oakley off, she asked how I wanted it. I told her "pretty short."
"The ears too," she asked.
"Sure, why not."
We went away and came back an hour later. Little sister was with me. We pulled up and I was horrified, and just knew the beautiful wife was going to hate the cut as the groomer walked Oakley out to the car.
I just shook my head and paid the lady.
we took him home and the beautiful wife and I of course grumped and grouched about the bad haircut.
Oh, well. It will grow back out right?
We were surprised when, the next day, Little sister looks at the beautiful wife and says, "when are we going to go back and get Oakley? I don't like this new doggie as much."
It took some doing, but we finally convinced her the bald doggie is Oakley.


Anonymous said...

Brian, What a sweet story. Just last week, good husband and I had our Border Collie mix, Cody, trimmed for summer-he was already miserable from Indiana heat and humidity. Cody coming out was NOT the same dog as Cody going in! I rather liked his bedhead look of old but the little guy is feeling much better with his Army haircut. Like my Dad always said, "The difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about 3 days!"

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would never have known it was Oakley from the new picture. How old his he now? We did the math recently and we think Hank is 16 now and Audrey is 12.


Anonymous said...


We figure Oakley is about 14 years old now. He is an old man. Lazy, moody, and always sleeping.