Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A week with the mouse

What happens when you put four Culps in the sun with a mouse and a bunch of people in air-conditioned suits? The family turns into a big puddle and the mouse picks the money out of the wallets left on the ground.
This analogy aside, our trip to Disney World earlier this month was a blast! it was exactly 10 days away from work and every other aspect of real life.
For those days, we parked the Envoy and left it off -- one quick trip to the outlet mall for cheap gifts aside.
We rode the bus to the parks and spent the days trying to stay cool while meeting as many characters as possible and getting their signatures. This actually worked out well because many of the waiting lines for characters were inside in the air conditioning. The trick was to make sure we were waiting in these lines during the hottest part of the day.
We got to ride a lot of wonderful rides -- big sister's favorites were the runaway train roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom and Soarin at Epcot.
Little Sister's favorite ride was Aladdin's Magic Carpet.
We'll have to go back in a few years when Little Sister can enjoy it better.

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Jason266 said...

Lucky dogs! I mean, lucky mice! Would love to go to WDW right now.