Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to normal ... sort of

Following the flood that took up most of our lives from the end of July until mid November, the Culp family has finally settled into a somewhat more normal routine. It took awhile, though, because the holidays have a way of derailing anything normal.
That being said, we're starting see the flood as maybe somewhat of a good thing. There is now a true living room in our house and a true dining room. The disaster, which looks smaller and smaller as natural disasters have hit so many across the world, is really a blessing. And by blessing I mean that the screaming, yelling and uncountable toys are now far far away.
When big or little sister is too loud ... to your room girls.
Silence, or at least muted crying, is wonderful.
So, back to that routine.
These days I try to get home at the time Big sister gets home from school. Whichever parent is home first sits down with her at the dining room table and does homework. The other parent entertains Little sister in the other room so Big sister can concentrate on homework.
Once homework is done, it's time for a Wii bit of fun. We don't always get to do this one, but we like to bowl, box and dance. The littlest Culp is the best boxer, I'm the best dancer ... though I wouldn't show it off to anyone.
Another great part of our new house and routine is bedtime. We used to put the children to bed and then tiptoe around until we knew they were asleep because the TV in the old living room was about two inches from their bedroom door. Now, we are three rooms away.
Once again, blissful silence.
So, the flood, which caused so much drama in our family has turned out to be a blessing.
God certainly works in unexpected ways.

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