Monday, February 22, 2010

"hoooottt pooocketts."

I used to watch comedians all the time. I loved to turn on the comedy channel and laugh at the stand-up routines. The comedy channel was a better option than going to clubs, I'm just not a club person.
But once Big sister got old enough to really start understanding what the comedians were saying I had to stop. For the most part the comedians who are on at an hour when she is awake are relatively tame, however, the themes are beyond what I want my children to hear.
There are some exceptions, a few comedians who keep it clean. Jim Gaffigan is one those the beautiful wife and I have enjoyed watching and will let both big and little sister watch.
I didn't know that Little sister had watched his show. So, I did a doubletake last week when we were at the dinner table.
We were having a conversation when, really quietly in a creepy kind of voice, Little sister whispers, "hoooottt pooocketts."
I about spit my food across the table.
"Did she just say what I thought she said," I asked the beautiful wife?"
With a big grin it was confirmed that, yes, she was referring to Gaffigan's "hot pocket" routine.
In fact, she had been walking around all day whispering, "hoooottt pooocketts." In the grocery story, her grandma said something about Hot Pockets and did the same double take as me when Little Sister did her thing, "hoooottt pooocketts."
If nothing else it confirms the power of advertising ... through I'm pretty sure she's not asking to eat a Hot Pocket. She still refuses to eat anything that doesn't look like an egg or macaroni and cheese.
I guess talking about something that resembles food is a good step toward eating more of it.

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