Thursday, March 18, 2010

A difference is realized

I was a soccer coach last fall. Before the season started and for the first couple of weeks, I was really nervous.
What did these girls think of me, bur more importantly was I competent enough that the parents wouldn't complain about my coaching skills. I knew nothing about soccer, so right there the complaints would be legitimate.
After the first week, however, I realized no one really knew anything about soccer — except my assistant coaches, who luckily had been coaches already in past years.
I went onto a couple of Web sites and dredged up the little bit I could remember from the one year of YMCA soccer as a youth. The year as a whole went great. We didn't win a lot of games, but there was no pressure to anyway. My goal was to just have a lot of fun — and I did.
I was never sure if the children on my team — outside of big sister anyway, who said she had a great time — were happy with their experience.
Turns out I didn't need to worry at all. I had the ultimate compliment a couple of weeks ago when I ran into one of the parents from that team. The father asked me if I was going to coach again, because his daughter was excited and she wanted to play for coach Brian again.
Then a couple of days later one of the parents came across my beautiful wife and asked if I would coach again.
If there was any doubt about me wanting to stick my toe back into the coaching pot of the Mooresville Optimist soccer league, it was quelled Wednesday night.
I took Big Sister to a Girl Scout roller skating party at the Southland Skate. As we went around and around I kept seeing girls who had been on my team and they all smiled, waved and said, "Hi Coach Brian!"
What a great feeling. And it was sort of a fluke, because I never saw myself as a coach. I'm definitely doing it again and hope other parents might consider helping out. I know the league (and other leagues for that matter) can use all the coaches it can get.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for you and Big Sister both. Have a great season!