Friday, March 26, 2010

Going to be with God

Just when we're at our lowest, children bring us back from the brink. They say something or do something that has to make you smile no matter how black your heart feels.
And other times they just surprise you at the depth of their knowledge.
Little Sister has been doing this for us recently.
On March 5 my Beautiful Wife's aunt Kim died. It was a really bad week. But things had been bad for quite a while and Little Sister knew it.
They had been going to aunt Kim's house most weeks for more than a year every Tuesday and for a while on Thursdays. They helped Kim with her housework, shopping and other mundane tasks. They always took Little Sister. My beautiful Wife said it warmed her soul to see how Little Sister made aunt Kim smile.
In the last weeks and when she did finally pass away, Little sister didn't understand why their routine had changed. She asked, "why aren't we going to Kimmy's."
She was told that Kimmy had gone to be with God and wasn't coming back. Little Sister didn't seem too upset about that. She knew from her own observation as well as our conversations that aunt Kim had been in a lot of pain and was close to dying. She also knows from Sunday school that God takes care of us.
But then, a week later to the day, our neighbor died — also from complications of cancer. We shielded Little Sister from that one mostly. Then one day the next week she asked the neighbor's wife where "the big guy" was at?
My beautiful Wife, seeing the pain on our neighbor's face quickly said, "he went to be with God too."
To that, Little Sister replied ... "doesn't God have enough people yet?"
I hope not. I'd like to be with him some day ... but don't tell that to Little Sister, who a week later was upset after I went to the doctor for a sinus infection.
She asked my Beautiful Wife the next day if daddy was going to be with God because he was sick.
Not yet Little Sister.

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