Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sitting on Santa's lap

I don't remember sitting on Santa's lap. I'm sure I did at some point. I probably told him I wanted Legos or a remote control car or some other toy.
The beautiful wife remembers asking for dolls and Barbies.
My work Christmas party was Thursday. during the party Santa always comes to find out what the children want.
It's funny because they're all so excited when he walks in the door. This year he was a little late, so the anticipation was higher than normal.
We had gotten a camcorder during the crazy Thanksgiving sales (OK, the beautiful wife did it, I was asleep in bed), so I pulled it out and got it ready.
They called Little Sister's name and she went up to Santa, and started screaming. Big sister took the package and walked it back to mommy and the sniffling toddler. The crying stopped as soon as she realized the present was for her. It was a big baby doll, which she has played with nonstop since.
Next it was Big sister's turn. Now, I was proud at what she had asked Santa to bring her to the party. It wasn't typical 6-year-old stuff, no, but it showed her excitement for learning -- she wanted a math activity book.
You could tell from the wrapping, that was what she had gotten.
All that was left was for her to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what she wanted on Christmas morning.
"A baby doll, a CD player, CD holder and ... a stapler."
A stapler? What does a 6-year-old need with a stapler?
Oh well, to each her own. I'm sure someone will get her a red Swingline or something. I just hope she doesn't staple her eye out -- or worse Little sister's eye.

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Anonymous said...

When my 18 year old daughter was 2, she was horrified of Santa. I took her to see him and she stood at the fence of Santa land and screamed at him that she wanted an umbrella. It was too funny. Remember all the fun stuff they do, they grow up so fast.